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Q is for Quentin

One of the best movies ever! Gruesome yes!!! I mean I’ve said this before, but if Samuel L Jackson, everyone would listen to it.

Super gruesome films like Kill Bill Vol 2, how awesome is there!!

What I love most about his movies is that you never know what to expect. Yes you know it’s going to be over the top blood and gore, but when and where will surprise you.

The next film I enjoyed was Inglorious Bastards. Ever hear of it….? It’s his epic spin on what he wished would of happen with World War 2.Not to mention it features a great cast.

Then there was his take on slavery, with Django Unchained. At first I didn’t want to see the film, but when I did, man was I suprised. It was really good.

What is your favorite Tarantino film?


Comments on: "Q is for Quentin" (1)

  1. WhistleWhileYou'reaJerk said:

    QT – Don’t forget about Reservoir Dogs.

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