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Love for Liam

I mean if I played that game I would purposely find him and befriend him. This was single handedly the best super bowl commercial ever. What do you think?

Before he was an ass kicker in Taken, Liam played a very important role as Oscar Schindler and if you don’t know who he is, then you need to invest your time in researching him. He was a business man who was able to save victims of the Holocaust from their death by employing them. There was a list made and he tracked everyone on that list down. As far as I’m concerned the Academy really screwed up by not giving him the Oscar. I mean this man was a fricken bad ass!!

Sidenote: When my girlfriend was in grade school she dressed up as Oscar Schindler for famous people day!! How cute is that?? Point to take away Oscar Schindler was an amazing human being with his flaws, but what he did for so many people was AMAZING!

Now it’s obvious that Mr. Liam continued his streak of badassness!! I mean when I went to the movies to see Taken, I never expected them to make three additional films. How cool is that? Best part of the movie ever:

This scene has gone on to spur hilarious meme’s and even a Family Guy episode. How awesome is that?

He has sense gone on to play in several action packed movies. How cool is that? He is the white version of Samuel L Jackson’s role from Pulp Fiction!! I mean if he read the bible people would listen. This is the same for Liam. They have one of those voices that demand attention and strike fear in to the heart of most people.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!!


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