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I is for Isla and Ian!!

Fist I have to say this is such a pretty name. Yes, I am talking about the lovely Isla Fischer, you know the bomb shell red head married to Borat…or kay the guy that plays Borat. I first saw her in the hit movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Super cute comedy that didn’t get the cred it deserved.

But my all-time favorite movie that she’s in is Now you See Me!! This is a great film about magicians and urban legends. I love it. It’s got the action, comedy, and great acting. Check it out!!

I must also give a show out to Ian Mckellan. I mean how could I leave out Gandalf!!! He’s fricken Gandalf, need I say more….but there is more.

He’s Magneto from X-men, great movies!! It’s one franchise I could watch forever!

And now he’s taken on Sherlock Holms!! How awesome is that?

Whose your favorite I actor/actresses?


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