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D is for Duchovny

David Duchovny is one of my favorite male actors. I especially love him in the hit show “Californication” where he plays an washed up, drunk, sexaholic, author whose recent manuscripts is ripped off by his ex-wife’s sixteen year old stepdaughter, who he had a one night stand with. Wow what a mouthful! Just and fyi, he doesn’t know that the daughter is sixteen when he sleeps with her.

This show is hilarious to say the least, but it also points out the low points that all authors share. Writers block, staring at the ever present blank, white sheet of paper or computer screen.

Here’s a clip from Season 1, which I feel is the best. By the way I want an agent like Hank!

And they just announced they are coming out with an X files REBOOT!! For those of you who don’t know Duchovny plays Agent Mulder.

What do you think of him?


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