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A is for Anna/Anne


Actresses with names that start with A.

Anna Kendrick is one of those actresses, who I knew at a young age was going to be ultra famous. When I first watched her performance in the movie CAMP, I never forgot her. I was surprised to see her case as Bella’s friend in Twilight, but lets be honest, we all questioned that movies casting. All in all she is one of Hollywood’s leading ladies who seems to have it all. She can act (she’s gotten a lot better since her Twilight Days), she’s funny, she can be serious, oh yah and she can sing. Check it out.

Anne Hathaway is another great actress with lots of talent. Who remembers when she was Mia, the girl with the huge hair and awesome house. If you don’t know she lived in a remodeled fire house. How cool is that? Plus Julie Andrews was in the movie.

Like Anna Kendrick, unbeknownst to most of the world, she could also sing. She was cast as Fatime, in the critically acclaimed film, Les Miserables. This happens to be one of my favorite plays, so I was skeptical at how they were going to pull it off, but they did and I liked it.

What are your favorite actresses, whose name starts with an A?

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Comments on: "A is for Anna/Anne" (5)

  1. Oh those two are great choices, and I also like Annette Bening especially her re make of “An affair to remember” also starring Kate Hepburn. Called “A love affair” and I loved her in “The American President”

  2. internetreviewofbooks said:

    Hi from a fellow traveler on the A to Z Challenge! I know Anne Hathaway a little better than Anna Kendrick. Wasn’t Anne Hathaway also the name of Shakespeare’s wife?

  3. I am not sure I have a favorite attress with the letter A. The two you have picked are great attressess. I’m also doing the A to Z challenge, Organize Home Life on http://AMomsPointOfView.com

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