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I know I am late to the game, but better late than never. Right? Well this year I am going to focus on actresses and actors that I enjoy. I will attepmt to post an excerpt from my favorite movie with them as well. I was going to try and do a guy one day and a woeman next, but I decided that it limited me. So I am just going to write about my favorite with that name of the alphabet.

I am hoping that some of you will widen your view on the movie industry. Last year I had the unfortunate experience of a woman telling me that I blog was useless and boring. I mean I appreciate the honesty, but I am not aiming to win a Pulitzer or anything. This is just a place where I can write freely. It also helps me with time management.

So that being said, please leave nice comments or none at all. Have a great day!! Can’t wait to get started!!


Comments on: "Revealing my A to Z Challenge Topic" (1)

  1. Hello, I liked your blog don’t listen to that other silly woman, I’ll be back to catch up on your A-Z challenge, I’ve started because it’s April 1st in Australia, so you are one of the five under my name to visit!! have a good day looking forward to reading your blog posts!
    Kim in Australia

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