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Okay so this post is basically catching up on all the movies and new sitcoms that I am now obessesed with. Topping my list is the new show Alliegance! I love this show. First we are introduced to this CIA analysist whose at the top of his game. He’s assigned to a mission in his hometown of New York. We then meet with strange family whose part of the reformed KGB now the SVR. The son doesn’t know that his parents are Russian spies.

Here’s a look:

It’s so good!

Next is the new show called Secret and Lies! Okay so it stars Juliette Lewis and Ryan Phillipe. Neither one I can see on a sitcom, they are more movie actors/actresses. Right? Well so far we have a dead child and Ryan aka Ben is the prime suspect since he found the body. What I find interesting is that on SVU you never see the investigators hassling the person who finds the body. However, most of them don’t know the victim they find in SVU. Here’s a sneak peek:

Okay so I guess this is a remake series from Australian Television. Why aren’t we making our own TV series. Well that’s why I am going to submit a new series to a few script writing contest.

So that being said, I am moving away from this and going to talk about the movie Jupiter Ascending…all I can say is WOW!!! This movie was so bad. I mean lets start with Channing Tatum whose some kind of Lycan Human Hybrid, except the only thing Lycan about him is his sense of smell and sound. Oh and did I mention in the first fight scent the bullets/beams coming from his gun bark, but that’s it. It doesn’t happen again throughout the movie. As for Mila Kunis, her lines were down played and somewhat juvenile, she’s a great actress….I mean…seriously make her role more substantial. It was a huge let down from the creators of the Matrix.


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