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Great Weather!

It’s almost 60 degrees out after being in the 30’s all week. Yes I have the windows open and I”m relaxing. I did take a mile long walk enjoying the weather. I might take another walk this evening. It just depends on how cold it is out.

In other news, I have had it up to here with walmart.com. I would NOT recommending purchasing anything from them oh like a treadmill. I had to call six times yesterday to try and get them to pick up the broken treadmill. And if they don’t pick it up by 2/26 they are going to withdraw the money out of my account for the cost of the treadmill. It’s so frustrating.

I plan on writing today and even working on homework for my next weeks classes. I am taking screenwriting and American Modernism.

What do you plan on doing this weekend?


Comments on: "Great Weather!" (2)

  1. I’m visiting from the A-to-Z Challenge. Have a great time with it this year!
    We had wonderful weather here this week– a day that nearly reached 70’s! But alas, it is now in the teens with wind chills below zero. Brrr !

    Mary at The View from my World

  2. I’m hunkered down under feet and feet of snow in cold and blustery Mew Hampshire! Wishing I were in the Caribbean this weekend!

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