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Its Here, But in Pieces!!

So last night I cane home ti my cery own treadmill. However upon further inspection much assembly was required. Okay, I can do this.


So I began. I got this far and screwed up royally and pieces had to be removed.


So I took a nap and came back to it and realized that I needed a star screwdriver. It didn’t come with one!!!

No where in the instructions dod say I would need this screwdriver. I tore apart the house looking for a screwdriver and found nothing. I wake my girlfriend up and she finds it in five minutes. So that tells youI am not very Handy.


Needless to say I was able to enjoy the treadmill by midnight and only worked out for fifteen minutes.



Hmmmm… Now what to do with these extra screws….


Comments on: "Its Here, But in Pieces!!" (2)

  1. Seems like you get exercise just by putting a treadmill together!

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