A place to get away from it all and write….

Second try

I posted earlier today but for some reason it wouldn’t let me post. So lets try this again.

This is the first time in four years that I haven’t finished the NANO. November was filled to the brim with life happenings. What about you? I do have lots if things to discuss like two new movie reviews, book reviews and even advice,

But that will be in the weeks to come, I recently had to get a tooth pulled and a root canal on the same day. My jaws are are sore and I miss my tooth 😕. Is that weird? Its been there for several years and we had a great relationship with my bite… Oh well I guess its time for change. Bring in the costly bridge!!

So on that note I am going to wind up my rambling. I hope all is well where you are and I pray for peace for all!


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