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What a fantastic journey!

Let me begin by thanking Jeanne Gassman for writing such an amazing book and allowing me to read an advanced copy. Thank you so much!

Where do I begin! I guess at the beginning, this book took me on a biblical journey back to the New Testament world of sand, camels, and caravans. Back before the internet or even cars. Back to a time where freedom was a luxury most did not have, especially if you were poor.

It is here that we meet a crippled Gentile slave by the name of Demetrios who finds himself freed after years of abuse by the hand of his Roman owner.

Together with a helpful friend and slave by the name of Elazar, Demetrios finally begins his life. Along their way they have to make choices that affect where they end up going. It brings to light the importance of decision making and thinking before acting. Demeterious does not always follow Elazar’s advice and this lands them in some sticky situations.

Eventually Demetrios and Elazar become settled and begin working as caravan drivers and it is here that we are introduced to Jesus and his disciples. Gassman has created believable and real characters that I could relate too, which makes the story that much intriguing.

Gassman captures Jesus’s last days through the eyes of a non-believer, Demetrios perfectly. See, Demetrios believes in pagan gods, which is very common of Gentiles, which clashes with the Jewish belief in one god. This difference puts a strain on Demetrios’s and Elazar’s relationship and their friendship is tested several times.

In the end, Demetrios finds peace with himself after witnessing a miracle first hand by the hands of Jesus. He tries to spread the word, but by then it’s too late. Jesus has been arrested and charged with blasphemy. This part of the book is pivotal in that is shows the suffering of not only Jesus on the cross, but the other men on either side of him. This section of writing is very powerful and gave me chills reading it.

The story ends on a good note, with Demetrios finally being freed from the demons that haunt him and with the realization that miracles do happen.
Thank you so much for letting me reading your work of art. This is truly a masterpiece.

This book will be available this upcoming year, please check out the author’s website. it is filled with great writing advice and is updated regularly.

Jeanne’s Facebook!


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