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Finding Carter


So this is a new show on MTV and I am bummed about it. I thought it was going to be really good, but I think there was a push to rush production and that left me with tons of questions unanswered. Not that obvious questions. 

Just the whole concept doesn’t make sense. i am going to continue watching it and I am sure just like the Lying Game it will get better. I am not too keen on the actors chosen to play the parts and there just seems to be a disconnect going on with a few of the main characters. 

Also what about police procedure? Did anyone even check into what happens when a lost child is found? I mean it seems like the girl leaves with her biological family the morning after. I mean does that even happen. 

So I have researched the information and it seems a bit sketchy that this would happen. They want to put the kid back with it’s biological family but there are systems in place to prevent further damage to the child’s psyche.

So that’s all for now, would you watch it? Also look at my previous post and offer some advice is you’ve got it. 

Till then folks!!


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