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People are crazy!!

So today I posted a pair of One Direction tickets on a re-sale site for my sister in law. It’s called Madison County Yardsale and its on facebook.

Now I have seen half used bottles of shampoo and perfume on this site as plus as well as a bunch of questionable items that look right out of the trash.

So right away people want to complain about the price and I’m like they aren’t mine, no change on the price. Now as far as I know the show is sold out!.

So while I’m at work sick as a dog mind you, a bunch of angry mothers are posting on my post.

Then before I even read them the admin asks me to lower my price. What part of “they aren’t mine” do these people not get?

So I deleted the post and said sianara to the group. I ain’t got tine for stupid Madison County drama!

What are your thoughts?


Comments on: "People are crazy!!" (2)

  1. My thoughts… people are silly, and a lot of them don’t want to read the “fine print” — instead, they complain. Maybe try posting them on Craigslist?

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