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No other franchise can compete with the world of the X men. I am suprised that there isn’t a world dedicated to them. Like you know at Universal Studios. I know they are lumped into the comic book world, but I want them to have a replica of Xavier’s house. How cool would that be? 

Okay so lets just say I started watching the X men when they were a cartoon in the 80’sImage

And then in the 90’s


I was a senior when I heard they were going to create a movie based on one of my favorites Saturday morning cartoons, I was more than excited. Yes, I stood in line for the midnight showing of the movie. It was awesome. I think I still even have my ticket stuff somewhere. 

And the franchise took off from there!!! Now there are at least four completed movies and two more in the works. There are even spin off based on the main characters, such as Wolverine, I think he has two or three of his own movies. You know like Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America of the Avengers. I think I would watch a movie based on Scarlett Johansen’s character. That would be cool. 




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