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Catching Up!!!

Good Evening all!! This is a catch up post. Due to technological issues I wasn’t able to post anything on Friday or Saturday. 

On Friday I was going to post a blog about Valentines Day the movie. It’s cute and full of super great actors and actresses that are somehow tied together. I love movies like this you get to see all sorts of things that happen. There’s a florist, a set grandparents, a super cute grandson, a mother, a best friend, and an awesome Teacher. 

If you are looking for a cute chick out! 



Next, i have letter W and the movie I am going to discuss is the classic Where the Heart is!! Its about a young woman whose boyfriend decides to move across the country while she’s nine months pregnant. She then is stranded by said boyfriend at a Walmart when she has to go pee. 

So she has no other choice but to live at the Walmart and wait out her pregnancy. Well that’s what happens. When her baby is born in the Walmart her story becomes national news. She’s somewhat of a celebrity. I”m sure most of you have seen this film, it’s played every weekend either on USA Oxygen, Lifetime, ect. Like I said it’s a classic tale of love and the hardships of being a single mother. 

So take a look, it’s a good film starring Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman. 



In other news I participated in the Color Run this weekend. It’s said to be the happiest 5k ever and I would have to agree!!!









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