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Transform your Wednesday

Good Morning!

Today I am going to tell you about a series of films I love. Most in pat because I grew up with them, bu secondly they are just so cool!! I’m sure you’ve guess it. TRANSFORMERS!!

If you grew up in the eighties then this cartoon was part of your daily regimen. I watched it before i went to school. Then mcdonalds sold those cool Transformers fries, burgers, and drinks. You remember those?Image

I loved them and had them all. I”m sure they are somewhere at my mothers house.

So when I heard that they were going to make them into a film I was SUPER PSYCHED!!!!! My favorite character has always been Optimus Prime with Bumble following close behind. Before you ask, yes I was one of the people who stood in line opening night, back when they did midnight showings. Do they still do that anymore?

I walked away from the theater in love! The show was amazing and there was so much to see, if you blinked you missed something. It’s action, action, comedy, and more action. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Well in the first one you meet Sam whose a typical kid, trying NOT to be too dorky in front of the hottest girl in school, but failing miserably. He is allowed to pick out his own car and Bumble bee happens to be there. The banter between this kid and his parents are HILARIOUS!! Oh and it’s PG for kids too. How awesome is that. 

So needless to say the Transformers kick some butt and save the day. Talk about an adrenaline rush. 

Round 2: This is the search for the All Spark. They bring back an old timer who has been asleep for several hundred years to find them. Now this Transformers wasn’t well thought out. There were too many gaps in the film and questions that weren’t answered. Yes, there was great action and even more comedy. But there were flaws. 

Rounds 3. I’m sad to say that I didn’t like this one. I guess it was because they traded out Megan Fox with a Victoria Secret Model. it just made it that more unbelievable that a she could have a thing for Sam. A huge dork with a sense of humor. The action was packed in this film, but it wasn’t the best. 

Round 4: Okay so I am not looking forward to this film. Nothing against Mark Walhberg, he’s a good actor. But why not Shia? He’s been with the Transformers since day 1, he knows them best. Right? I may not even go see this one. 

However I am excited to go back to Universal Studios and hop on the Transformer’s ride, but I am patiently waiting for them to redo the Harry Potter Ride. Has anyone been? Is it cool? Let me know. 

Okay that’s all for now. 



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