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Rosemary Monday!!

Good evening,

Did you know that they’re remaking Rosemary’s baby?

I’m sure they’re just trying to modernize it, but let’s face it it can’t be done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Zoe, but I just can’t see her in this role.

If you haven’t seen the movie then let me break it down for you; a young newlywed couple move into an upper Eastside apartment full of interesting characters. They are all older adults not necessarily over the hill, but definitely up there in age, thinking 50s.

So this one crazy night after they go to a party the wife of the couple finds herself in quite a predicament. She’s having sex with the devil. Oh, and here’s the kicker, her creepy neighbors are there too and her husband.

So needless to say she wants a pregnant, with the devil spawn. All throughout the pregnancy she experiences theses strange symptoms of intense pain awkward movements of her abdomen and equally’s freaky dreams.

I personally think the older version is so much better than what I’ve seen of the newer version, nothing against the actors actresses directors producers. Let’s face it Hollywood needs to leave well enough alone and come up with their own ideas and quit remaking the classsics.


Comments on: "Rosemary Monday!!" (3)

  1. I have never seen this movie, and it sounds pretty weird. I probably won’t watch the original or this remake!

  2. I agree — Hollywood needs to stop with all these remakes. The originals are too awesome to be replicated, especially Rosemary’s Baby.

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