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Good Evening folks, 

Please read my previous post that the lovely Emily wrote on Girl activism, then read this. They have nothing in common. 

This post is about the movie Never Let Me Go. It’s a futuristic movie centered around if we all had clones. What happens is when you need something like a new liver, hear, leg, brain, blood, your clone provides this so you can live longer. When you are a clone your life will be spent serving your alter.  it follows the story of three people from children to adults. 

The movie starts with the three friends as children and follows them to adulthood. it goes through the trials and tribulations that their 2nd rate life has to offer. 

It’s based off of a book which I have yet to read, but want to.  I feel this is the best movie Carey Mulligan has ever done. Kiera Knightly as well. So if you in the mood for a sad movie, then this is the one for you. 



Comments on: "Never Let me Go on a Wednesday Night" (2)

  1. Sounds like a cool concept – I’ll have to check that out

  2. Its a really good movie!!

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