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The Dark Knight

Good Afternoon,

Today I am going to focus on The Dark Knight series.

First The Dark Knight

When I started watching this movie I must say I had my own predictions as to how it would end. Boy was I wrong.

This movie was amazing. It had great plots, characters, storyline, and the Joker. Heath Ledger presented one of the best portrayals of the Joker. I can only speculate that this role pushed him over the edge. He really got to the core of the character. Also he was just down right creepy. Don’t you agree?


Now onto The Dark Knight Rises where Anne Hathaway portrayed the best cat woman I had ever seen. As much as I hate to admit that, but she was snarky and cute, just like the cat woman in the cartoon. It was such a good movie! There was double the action and plot. However, the guy that was the villain reminded me of The Mummy. I think that’s the guy and he talked like Sean Connery, which was even weirder.


It was a good movie and even better that I got to see it at Universal Studios when I was on vacation. How cool is that? It just made it more memorable.

Which one did you like?


Comments on: "The Dark Knight" (4)

  1. Dark Knight Rises had the better message, that those who foster class war do so because they stand to profit from the destruction and suffering of both sides, than Dark Knight’s message that sometimes absolute and invasive methods are necessary to fight evil, though I think Batman’s methods are supposed to trouble us, as they did Lucius Fox.

    Interestingly enough, Batman’s moral decision to let Ra’s al Guul die in the first movie is the exact same decision that Az-bats made with Abattoir during the Knightfall mega-arc upon which Dark Knight Rises is loosely based, a decision that led Bruce Wayne to come back kick Az-bats’ ass because “Batman never lets anyone die”.

  2. Definitely loved Ledger as the joker. Still preferred Pfieffer as Catwoman but I think Hathaway’s version was more like Nolan’s wink at the audience. Still great, however you look at it.

  3. I liked the “Dark Knight Rises” the best. I thought Anne Hathaway was a really great cat-woman and that she had excellent chemistry with Christian Bale.

    Happy A to Z-ing. 🙂

  4. Mikaylin said:

    I loved this movie! mikaylinrocks@ A to Z

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