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Time for change!!!

Change in the air. There were at least two days this week that hit the seventies, so that’s enough for me. I am going to start spring cleaning tomorrow. This will be easy enough being that i just moved into a larger house. More space to fill with stuff. I haven’t decided what I am going to put out and what I am going to keep packed. I really need to pack away my winter clothes. Spring is here, even though the forecast is calling for snow tomorrow. 

In other news, my pitch interview has been rescheduled again, boo, but in a sense this means more time to practice. It would be safe to note that I haven’t  even put one together. I haven’t had time, but I plan on working on it tomorrow over coffee. Also I I plan on putting together my study. I have a desk and a great view of the desk.

 I also plan to re-start my P90X3. This should be interesting. I need to detox my system and plan on using Advocare, Herbal Cleanse to do this. This will be the first time I have tried anything like this. Any advice? 

This weeks I also hopped a train to Bloomington Normal to watch my sisters kids for a night and morning while she had surgery. He had the inside of her uterus burned so that she wouldn’t be in any pain. Her kids are now 9, 7, and almost 2. Wow, I feel old. i remember when she had the first one, she was such a cute baby. In factd they all were! It was great to have fun with my nieces and I found out that my nephew is such a cuddle bug! I loved it. We took two naps. It was nice to see them. It sucks that it had to be in the middle of the week. But I found out that the ticket only cost 15 bucks, which means I can take more trips. I plan on going up there for my nieces birthday bash. They are into that High School Monster thing. I guess they are the Twilight version of the Bratz. 

Also I have my thesis already picked out for grad school. I’ll post it later when I put the words together better. 

Well folks, I”m signing off now. 


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