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Just downloaded Google Chrome at work and I am able to blog again!! I am so excited this is so much easier being that I am work 12 hours most days. When I get home I have enough time to work out then bed. It’s a simple life, I do enjoy it though! 

So I have a great list of blogs that I read daily an they inspire me to be a better me and a better writer. Thanks guys! 

Today I plan on working on my novel and finishing my homework for the semester. I go to Southern New Hampshire University online and my semesters are eight weeks long, It’s a tad bit crazy and it seems like I am changing classes all the time. I love it though. I graduate in July! Woot woot! This is the degree I should have had when I first went to college. i wonder what my life would have been like then? Do you ever wonder about stuff like that? 

Well in other news I started p90x3, WOW!! You want a work out, here it is. it’s fun and intriguing, i am really enjoying it. I think I am missing a few of the segments, but I will make due with that I have. One day at a time. I have the painful feeling in my muscles telling me that I had a good workout!! I am so excited about the future. 

No on to another problem. My male cat of five years has taken it upon himself to pee on the furniture. I don’t understand why we clean his litter box regular. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with us moving. My girlfriend wants to put the cat downstairs! Uggghhhh… I don’t want that to happen. A basement is no place for a cat. I want it with me, upstairs. So I have to figure this. The other alternative is to gt rid of it. I will raise HELL if that happens. I just know he’s fickle, all cats are. Any advice as to how to make the move easier on him?  He’s a big lump of fur and I love him alot!!

Oh I also Have my date set for my pitch interview. It’s next Friday. I am so freaking out!! YIKES!! Wish me luck. Okay that’s all for now. 


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