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Early Morning Thoughts

Good Morning!

I have to get up and deliver papers in an hour , but fi d it impossible to fall back asleep. It could have something to with my shi tzu whining. He’s 14 now and so fickle!

Regardless I am up now, so I had better write!

Well I have managed to go through my manuscript for gaps and streamlining the plot. Now I have to go through again for a final run thru. This is what I live about writing, the tweaking and fleshing out of my story. Whats your favorite part?

Well today and tomorrow I get to babysit a toddler fun fun! In truth he is alit if fun! He’s always happy and I live the way his mind works to put things together.

Another semester starts next week, Its going to be super intense!!

Well thats all fir now, thanks for reading and don’t forget to get a box of your favorite girl scout cookies!!i i got my first shipment of 9 boxes yesterday!! The mont and coconut ones!! 😍

Til them my friends!!


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