A place to get away from it all and write….

Here we go!!

Good Morning everyone!

I found my day planner! Now I can feel organized again, which is what I needed. Last week I felt like I was all over the place. Do you get that way when you don’thave your main organizing tool?

Today can’t get much better, just relaxing at home with a cup of coffee and the winter Olympics on the tele. I have seen three people crash and burn on the snow board competition. Yikes, I don’t see how they do it. I give them all a hi’five!! Good going ladies. I know I couldn’t do it. 

In other news, I have completed my 2nd round of edits on Someone like me, but still need to complete my edits on Chapter 13 of Jaded Proposal. Now i have a question for my readers. I am contemplating separating my new book into parts and need a creative way to do this. What about quotes? Or should I just pick one word as the theme for that section?

Any ideas would be helpful. 

Okay that’s all for now I have an analytically paper today. It’s written but I have to edit it and then turn it in. 

In other news, I might be moving into a house so I am super excited about it. It has a deck that I am super excited about. Now the packing part now so much. However I am getting excited about finding things that have been lost over the last three years. I am secretly hoping that this will be the last move for at least the next ten years. 


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