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I stole that from Maggie Madly Writing!! It was super fun to do. I hope you enjoy!


1) Pick 2-5 of your original characters.
2) Don’t change the questions.
3) Let your characters answer, not you.
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme. (I’m not tagging anyone, so if you want to do the meme, feel free to copy and paste.)
5) Have fun!
1. Addison Solomon
2. Jackson Van Buren

3. Mali “Quinn” Livingston

4. Edwin Scruple

5. Aspen Jonson


1. Welcome to the world of OCs! Now, who are you (name, gender), how old are you, and what species are you?

A: If you insist, I’m Addison Solomon and I’m fifteen.

J: What you don’t know? I’ll let it slid this time, my name is Jackson Van Buren, only the most important person you’ll ever meet! Oh yah, I’m eighteen.

M: My name? It was Mali, but I was born Quinn Livingston and I’m thirteen, I think.

E: Did you know that the giraffe is the tallest horned animal ever to exist? I’m Edwin by the way and I’m sixteen years, five months, and two days old.

Asp: Aspen Jonson, age 16. Can I go now?

2. Describe how you look like now.

A: I’m not really concerned about how I look, but right now I have on a pair of jeans and some pink shirt Jackson insisted I wear for this interview. He also “suggested” I wear my long wavy blonde hair down.

J: Again I’m surprised you don’t know who I am, but I’ve been compared to that guy that was in that one movie. You know the one about cruel intentions… (Addison rolls her eyes.)

M: How I look? I guess I look like an American. Jeans and a tee shirt. I keep my long hair pulled back in a French braid. What do you look like?

E: How I look? Good question. I don’t like to look at mirrors, it’s rumored they capture your soul. Brown hair and brown eyes. Plain.

Asp: Geeze, does it really matter. I don’t think it does, but whatever. So I got white blonde hair and ice blue eyes.


3. Good, good! Now let’s see, why do you think you were created? What do you think your creator’s inspiration was for you?

A: I assume she was on some kind of Gossip Girl meets the OC and ends up with Revenge type kick that day.

J: She needed a bad ass character duh, that’s where I come in. Can I have a drink? Whiskey, no ice.

M: She was inspired by that movie Taken and I think some lifetime movie or something. She really loves to write dramas.

E: I don’t really know why she picked me. I’m a hodgepodge character that is just there. I like where I am don’t get me wrong,, but I think she put me in this story to throw a curve ball.

Asp: (fumes loudly). Look I guess she wanted to try her hand at a sci fi story or something. I don’t know, ask her.

4. Oh, I understand! So are you looking for a relationship?

A:  Unfortunately.

J:  Of course, what kind of person do you think I am. Jackson Van Buren is never single.

M: I am and it’s very exciting.

E. Relationship? Yes, I’m here with my girlfriend right now.

Asp: Like I have time for that. Don’t you understand this is taking away from my training right now?  But yes I do have a crush, granted they don’t even know I am alive…

5. Interesting… so what is your purpose as a character in this world?

A: Good question.
J: Who knows, but I am good looking, maybe that’s it.

M: To bring awareness to child slavery and human trafficking.

E. Comic relief.

Asp: I’m the star of the story, I’m the fricken, oracle.

6. Awesome! Now how would you describe yourself?

A: (sighs) studious, quiet, observant, and tedious

J: That’s easy: sexy, hot, cute, and athletic, oh and I have been told I’m a good dresser. Others say that I’m a bit psychotic and manic, but I think they are all on crack. I’m a normal guy.

M: Well, I use to be in the shadows, but that’ kind of hard when you keep asking me all of these questions. So uh, I would say, open, bright, and eager to learn about the world around me.

E: analytic, smart, above average, mental, and depressed.

Asp: Evil and cold are the two descriptions I gets, but I just tell it like it is. You don’t want to know the truth, then don’t ask.

7. Now, how would your friends describe you?

A: Loyal, nice, too nice, and understanding.

J: That’s easy, I’m the party planner, go getter, and the charmer.

M: I think they would say I’m a good listener and I try to be honest to them.

E: Friends? I only have two one is my cousin and the other my girlfriend. I think she likes me because I’m smart.

Asp: Friends? Who needs them? I only had one friend and now he hates me with a passion. So now I’m a loner. Thanks for reminding me.

8. Do you have any abilities?

A: Like powers and such? Uh, no I’m human!

J: I bet you I can get you have dinner with me.

M: I don’t understand the question.

E: No.

Asp: I can freeze things, which pisses off my roommate because he can manipulate fire. He’s always having to thaw stuff out. Oh and I manipulate water.

9. OK, so do you hate anyone or a certain thing?

A: All things Van Buren.

J: My father

M: I don’t hate anything, hate’s a strong word.

E: Stephen Miller

Asp: I hate that I have this annoying power. It’s such a pain.

10. Enough of hate, how about love? Do you love anyone or something?

A: I love my kid brother and sometimes my step sister. But that’s it.

J: I love myself.

M: That’s easy. I love my family, Madame Sunnee, Pong, and Edwin, but don’t tell him.

E: Love is overrate, but if I did love something or someone it would be Quinn. She’s just…amazing.

Asp: Love is for losers. I”m not a loser!

Hope you enjoyed my Character Meme!! 


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