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Lack of motivation!!

The lack of motivation monster has struck again. I swear anytime I try to do something for a month, I always wind up doing nothing by week four or five.

Oh well, it’s back to the drawing board again . I will conquer this lack of motivation and start this week anew. But I plan to write kore, read more, and even keep up on my social information!!

Do u ever get unmotivated? If so what helps you?



Comments on: "Lack of motivation!!" (2)

  1. A lack of motivation can be a real problem. I’ve suffered with it quite often. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to kick it very easily. I usually end up waiting until inspiration strikes. In the meantime, I’ll put off whatever I have no motivation for and work on something else for awhile.

  2. ^ That approach works for me. Or just push through it and ride it out.

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