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Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

Yesterday was the first day I hadn’t posted in a week. I am so excited about this. Why? Because I have tried writing a blog for several years now and every time I bomb out on the second or third day. Part of the reason is coming up with a platform.  

My girlfriend says the same thing about my writing. She said you have to have a gimmick. Well I have come to the conclusion that my brain moves to fast to focus on one thing. So I post blogs about everything. life, what I love, and the pursuit of writing. I”m sure I’ll find my gimmick along the way, or at least I hope too. 

So I am on Netflix and come across The Breakfast Club. I am amazed at how many more classics they have decided to add. It’s awesome. That was the first movie of the day and I realized that the same themes that were present in this movie are still relevant today. There are still cliques at school and even in life. It’s a matter of if you choose to be part of them or be an individual. I hope they don’t attempt to remake this film it would be a travesty. Let alone I can just imagine who they would cast: Zac Efron as the Emilio Estaban, Miley Cyrus as the basket case, Michael Cera as the nerd, Selena Gomez as Claire, and last but not least one of the guys from the vampire diaries. It would be a horrible mess. 

What do you think? 


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