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Happy New Year!!!!

Sorry if you wanted to read about my New Year’s Resolutions. I have them, but the new laws going in to effect tomorrow are more interesting.

Let’s talk about how cell phones are going to illegal to use in the car as of tomorrow for IL drivers. This has good points and bad. Most drivers now days already have the hands free devices in their cars, but what about those that doesn’t. Those things are expensive and if they want them in the car so bad they need to have government issued ones. Wait that will just add to the reality that big brothers listening to what you say.

Another law that goes into effect is the punishment for using social media to collaborate a violent flash mob is six years instead of three. Wow is anyone else surprised by this one? I am I didn’t even know this was an issue in IL maybe in bigger cities. Maybe this sort of thing happens all the time.

So now 17 year olds can vote. Do you think they will?

Speed limit increase to 70 mph. This is a plus for the drivers that are going to be pulled over for talking on their phones.

What is the most outrageous new law in your state?


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